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Landscape clean up

Dan the Jungle Tamer

Jungle Tamer is Closed

Due to heath reasons I've had to close the business. Call or email for referrals to other contractors. If you are interested in purchasing the domain names Jungle Tamer.com or Jungle-Tamer.com please contact me by phone or email. Also, our successful website is for sale.

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Taming areas too big for a weedeater
but too small for a bulldozer!

Have blackberry and salmonberry bushes taken over your yard? If you live in the Puget Sound area of Northwest Washington, you know what we're talking about.

You can reclaim your property using cost effective, environmentally friendly brush clearing and shredding. Plus, you get the benefit of the resulting mulch to nourish your soil.

The equipment that Jungle-Tamer uses is powerful enough to clean up your large vacant lot yet small enough to fit into the small spaces between your house, trees and other landscaping elements.

Mulching in the Pacific NW
Creating Mulch

Brush clearing and stump grinding.

Jungle-Tamer can clear areas of your property that have been overtaken by scotch broom , alder saplings, and other shrubby trees and plants that can spread rapidly over your entire landscape. The stumps can then be ground to mulch right on your property with no on-site burning!

Landscape tree transplanting
Transplanting a 25 ft. Grand Fir.

Tree transplanting.

Transplanting trees and shrubs on your property can transform your landscape. You can also save your nearly mature plants that have outgrown their surroundings. We can help with specialized equipment that can handle your most delicate and prized plants.

Just purchased a really large tree or shrub? We can help you easily set it in its new site!

Are you a Real Estate Agent?

When you list a lot or parcel for sale, consider having your sellers call Jungle-Tamer to clean up the property or open right-of-ways. A minor investment could make a major improvement in the value of the property and result in a faster sale. After all, the inside of a home is often staged prior to showings. Why not tidy up the landscape as well?

Overgrown landscape in Kitsap county
Opening up the view

Are you a Landscape Designer or Home Builder?

Need a reliable source that can come on site to do all the dirty work? We can clean up, grind up, move or remove existing plant materials. We can also level and grade small areas. That leaves you the freedom to do the custom work.

Get an estimate.

If your property is located in Kitsap, Mason, or eastern Jefferson county in Washington, you're in our neck of the woods. E-mail or call us and we'll stop by to give you an estimate.